11. Dez. 2011 Factory Crupi wins 2011 Team Title!

Baldwin Park, California

Crupi Parts, Inc is proud to announce that our US Factory Team has won the #1 Factory Team Title for 2011. This is the biggest honor a Factory Team can achieve each year and to take this win, the Team had to battle against the best riders and other teams in our industry including Redman and Intense!

It takes so much to make a successful team and to be #1 takes even more. I believe that the importance of having a Factory Team on the track at National races across the country is HUGE as it shows that anyone can race and win on our products and our #1 Factory Team Title proves this!

I just love racing and the excitement of having my team out on the track representing my brand makes it truly fun for me. But none of this would be possible without the effort of each and every member of our Team. First and foremost, I would like to thank our Team Manager Jesse Vargas. Jesse is a true champion in every way. Jesse was the team manager of the #1 Bike Shop team in 2009, then he left that team to come over to Crupi and try his best at winning a Factory Team title. In just 2 years, he accomplished just that and without Jesse's hard work, knowledge of how to run a successful team and the numerous hours he puts in to make the team and our pit area the best it can be, we would not be where we are. Jesse, thank you and congrats on your 2nd Team Title!

Here are the members of the 2011 US Crupi Factory Team that made this win possible.

Nick Adams - 9X
Anna Johnson - 11Girls
Collin Whittington - 12X
Alexis Vitale - 12Girls
Myles Wamsley - 13X
Julian Vargas - 13X
Collin Hudson - 14X (2011 2x World #1, NAG #1 and Am#2) What a year!
Justin Anderson - 15X (2011 NAG #2 and AM#12)
Josh Klatman - 19-27X (2011 NAG #1 and repeats as Am#1)
Dave Archibald - 41-45Cruiser (NAG #2 and Am#8)
Tyler Brown - Elite Men

Congratulations to you all; a well deserved victory! Thank you.

Greg Swingrover
Owner/President - Crupi Parts, Inc.

CRUPI Team Germany 2009-2014